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BABYMETAL, a magazine binding in 3 after and exclusive interview!
"PMC Vol.13" taking lowering cover picture permission!

It's sale on Thursday, April 11, BABYMETAL appears on "PIA MUSIC COMPLEX (PMC) Vol.13". The taking lowering cover which will be about 3 years after, a gravure and an exclusive interview of SU - METAL and MOAMETAL decorate the first page. In PMC where almost all exposure of media cries after album "METAL RESISTANCE" release in April, 2016, since a mail interview in Vol.7, 2 years and 5 months after. You told me the two people's feeling now and a decision to Akira Shin straight by 10,000 letter interview respectively via 2018 when I say "It was 1 year when I looked at the situation that one is put again (SU - METAL)." An expectation announces album release and keeps rising in 28 and the Japanese performance by which Yokohama arena is held in 6 and 7 day port exhibition hall NAGO in July for 29 days in June, but I'm including the testimony of persuasive expression which grew up and overseas staff shown by the first page gravure and am looking at Akira Nii of a track in 2018 and BABYMETAL.

Additionally THE YELLOW MONKEY which sells an original album in 19 after "9999" is featured. The report of "the world fastest preceding audition meeting" performed at Tokyo and Nippon Budokan on March 28 and the questionnaire result I had everybody of a fan cooperate in which as well as a long interview. A talk and BURE of SCANDAL which established a private label, Seiho where I challenged a live report of Tokyo Dome and kyousaku more than a Hoshino Gen 5 big dome tour and MIKIKO, without, Chara and others which keeps evolving is the latest information filling of an artist to Akira Nii.

A special story: Akira Nii of an artist!
Akira Nii tells a decision to a new order!
An original album in 19 after "9999"
A private label, establishment is told.
Hoshino Gen
Tokyo Dome performance live report
Seihox MIKIKO talk
The new representation space born from the relation I pressed down on one step
BURE, without, during keeping evolving, pierce.

The Asian music FIVE NEW OLD saw
"MY FIRST ALBUM" Harada beads, flower


A4 variant 112P/ adhesive binding

A sale date: April 11, 2019
A publishing company: PIA


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