We strictly observe the Japan Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereafter the “Act”), along with other laws and regulations. In view of your personal information’s crucial importance, we ensure the protection of your personal information through the proper handling of such information we have acquired and manage them in accordance with the following policies.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

We clearly indicate the purpose of use of your personal information (hereafter “Personal Information”) prior to the acquisition and conduct such acquisition in a legitimate and fair manner.

2. Use of Personal Information

The personal information we acquire and manage shall be used within the purposes laid out as below. Also, for the smooth business operation, we may outsource a part of our work and furnish Personal Information to such outsourcing contractors within the scope of necessity. In this case, we will adequately supervise the contractors to ensure the protection of Personal Information through conclusion of confidentiality agreements, etc.


To send letters or messages containing the following information to your postal or email addresses, which you have provided us at subscribing for our service: information on CD, DVD and other products and services featuring our artists; information on concerts and fun club membership subscriptions; releases of new movies we produce or distribute; events information; products and services of our affiliates; or questionnaire surveys concerning the foregoing.

3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not provide your Personal Information to a third party without your prior consent unless it is permitted under the Act or other relevant laws or regulations or on any other justifiable grounds.

4. Management of Personal Information

We ensure to the best of our ability that Personal Information is accurate and updated to the extent necessary for the purposes of our use. At the same time, we take adequate security measures to block illegal access and computer viruses and put in place necessary and sufficient safety measures against leakage, loss, damage, falsification, etc. of personal information. Furthermore, we make sure that our employees are thoroughly trained concerning the adequate handling of Personal Information.

5. Disclosure, Amendment, Suspension from Use, Deletion, etc.

Concerning your own Personal Information, we will promptly comply with your request to disclose, amend, suspend from use, delete, etc., in accordance with our prescribed procedure.
Within the scope of the Purposes described in Item 2, we may also send you (by post or email) information on products and/or services of us or our affiliates, which we deem to be beneficial for you. If you do not wish to receive such information, we will promptly discontinue such service upon your request.
We accept requests to suspend postal or email information deliveries or any enquiries concerning Personal Information, which we keep and manage, at the following point of contact. Please note that we may not be able to comply with your request for disclosure, etc. through other methods.

  • (1)Request Process: Point of Contact
    Please contact us at the prescribed contact address through the procedure we have informed you in advance.
  • (2)Verification of Identity
    In order to verify your identity, we will take confirmation steps by requesting you to present your driver’s license, passport, health insurance card, seal certificate or other certificates, by calling the phone number you have registered with us, or by checking your credit card number or other registered information.

6. Protection of Personal Information on Other Websites

We shall not be held responsible for the protection of your Personal Information, etc. on external links.

7. Cookies

Our website may use cookies to provide visitors with more convenient service experiences.
Cookies enable our website to recognize your PC at your revisit, whereby you can enjoy our service more smoothly.

  • 1.Function of Cookies
    Cookies are small clusters of information sent from web servers to the user’s browser to facilitate efficient Internet operation. Sometimes, they are stored in your hard disc as files. When cookies are enabled, web servers can keep records of visited pages, etc. While cookies enable our website to identify your PC, it cannot recognize your individual identity until you leave your Personal Information at our website.
    (Cookies themselves do not contain any information that may help identify individuals.)
    We may also publish aggregate information based on statistics obtained from cookies, but such statistics will not contain any information where individuals are identifiable.
  • 2.Purpose of Using Cookies
    We use cookies solely for the purposes of offering and seeking better services and providing customers with a more comfortable web environment at using our services.
    Advertisements of our websites may appear in various websites across the web through third-party ad serving companies (3PAS). 3PAS utilize cookies to distribute advertisements based on previous accesses to our websites.
  • 3.Opt-Out Cookies
    You can opt out of cookies with simple steps.
    “Opt-out” option enables you to prevent servers from associating your information with particular browsers.
    Once you choose the “opt-out” option for our website, you will no longer receive advertising cookies from our website without deleting or modifying other cookies associated with your browser.